First USAPA Sanctioned Pickleball Tour
Professionals & Amateurs!

Spring 2020

Pro Sarah Ansboury’s Tour Of Palmetto Dunes & the Hilton Head Pickleball Open March 19-22

Pros Sarah Ansboury and Steve Deakin are hosting the APP Hilton Head Pickleball Open at the Palmetto Dunes Oceanfront Resort & Pickleball Center in Hilton Head Island, SC March 19-22.
With beautiful beaches and plenty of kayaking, paddle boarding, golf, and of course lots of great pickleball, this first tournament of the APP Tour is an exciting opportunity you don’t want to miss! Learn more and register at

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A “Tour” of fourteen tournaments for professionals and amateurs with the Season Ending Championships in Punta Gorda, Florida


Debuts Spring 2020

Eight month prize money tour for professionals & amateurs

The company, United Pickleball Management, serves as the chief operating organization which governs the individual tournaments associated within The APP Tour. The Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP) also has an Advisory Committee setup to assist UPM, and handlings of the Tour. The APP Tour runs from March to late October throughout the United States.

APP Tour Logo

The “Association of Pickleball Professionals” Advisory Committee will serve as a committee for the APP Tour! The founder of the APP is Ken Herrmann. Steve Kennedy will serve as Chairman. Other members of the APP include Dominic Catalano, Chad Cromwell, Rob Davidson, Byron Freso, Grant Garcia, Kyle Klein, Stephanie Lane, Melissa McCurley, Altaf Merchant, Scott Moore, Zane Navratil, Karen Parish, Irina Tereschenko, Leigh Waters, Rick Witsken, and Kristy Wolford!


* Registration / Invitations for the APP Masters will open on September 8th after the Milwaukee Open.

Road to Punta Gorda Flyer


The Association of Pickleball Professionals is Looking for Tour Referees at Each of the 12 Events!

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All APP Tour events are sanctioned by the USAPA, and an active USAPA membership is required to participate in the tour events below.

Hilton Head Pickleball Logo

March 19, 2020 – March 22, 2020
Prize Money: $25K

Owensboro Pickleball Logo

May 8, 2020 – May 10, 2020
Prize Money: $25K

Atlanta Pickleball Logo

May 29, 2020 – May 31, 2020
Prize Money: $65K

Cincinnati Pickleball Open Logo

June 4, 2020 – June 7, 2020
Prize Money: $25K

Socal Pickleball Logo

June 25, 2020 – June 28, 2020
Prize Money: $25K

Chicago Pickleball Logo

July 23, 2020 – July 26, 2020
Prize Money: $25K

Pacific NW Pickleball Logo

July 29, 2020 – August 2, 2020
Prize Money: $50K

Indianapolis Pikcleball Logo

August 7, 2020 – August 9, 2020
Prize Money: $25K

Tournament of Champions Logo

August 18, 2020 – August 23, 2020
Prize Money: $75K

Peterborough Pickleball Cup Logo

Peterborough Cup
August 28, 2020 – August 30, 2020
Prize Money: $10K

Milwaukee Pickleball Open Logo

September 3, 2020 – September 7, 2020
Prize Money: $25K

Las Vegas Pickleball Logo

September 22, 2020 – September 26, 2020
Prize Money: $25K

Nashville Pickleball Open Logo

October 8, 2020 – October 11, 2020
Prize Money: $25K

APP Tour Logo

October 21, 2020 – October 25, 2020
Prize Money: $40K



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Check out our new weekly show called ‘The Tour’, featuring discussions about the first ever pickleball tour – The APP Tour!

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It’s fun to feel good on the APP Tour!!

Wow what an amazing show!! Loved getting to chat with such a good looking group of gentleman!! Big shout out to Patrick Sullivan Jr. of Jigsaw Health for coming on and talking about their partnership with the APP Tour as the official hydration and nutrition sponsor! And of course a big thanks to Kyle Yates for taking time out of his busy medal winning schedule to talk to us about his plans for the APP Tour and how much he is loving Jigsaw products! And of course a huge shout out to the biggest up and coming junior player Wyatt Stone Pickleball Jr. for joining us and telling us about everything he has going on!! Such a fun show and make sure to check out and use code: APPTOUR for $10 off your order!! See you next week and on the tour!!

Posted by Live with Lauren on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

“APP / Jigsaw Partnership with Kyle Yates”

Live with Lauren ‘The Tour’ Episode 11 

The APP Tour is going International!!

Make sure you watch our show tonight where Ken Herrmann himself joined me in studio, because we are doing a super fun crossover with The Canadian Pickleball Series created by the tennis man himself Karl Hale! Big thanks to Karl for sharing with us how Canada’s pickleball scene is growing as well as Sandy Donaldson who joined me Beyond the Kitchen where we got to hear about her league that has absolutely exploded since she started it. Make sure to check out everything APP at and joing us as we kick things off in Hilton Head, SC March 19-22.

Posted by Live with Lauren on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

“APP / Canadian Series Partnership – Karl Hale”

Live with Lauren ‘The Tour’ Episode 10 

The Tour Show is back with special guests Wayne Dollard and Thea Mucerino

We’re back and 2020 is gonna be aaaaahhhmazing!! Big thanks to Wayne Dollard from Pickleball Magazine for coming on and talking about their new partnership with The APP Tour. Look for or sign up for your own Pickleball Magazine subscription so you can see the APP articles each issue in 2020 along with all the great pickleball stuff going on! And a big thank you to Thea Mucerino , who was our Beyond the Kitchen guest, for chatting with us about her plans for The APP Tour and all she’s doing to help with volunteers! People are what make pickleball great! Join us next week on our regular Wednesday night when we have the man himself Ken Herrmann in studio!!

Posted by Live with Lauren on Tuesday, January 14, 2020

“Wayne Dollard – Pickleball Magazine Partnership”

Live with Lauren ‘The Tour’ Episode 9 

Last show of the year was awesome!! Because everything is awesome (LEGO movie shoutout). A huge thanks to Dan Santorum and Nicole Lawson Hobson for joining us from the PPR and letting us know the great partnership with the APP for next year! And thanks to our Beyond the Kitchen guest Ian Moss for joining and sending us to the new year. Thanks for watching everyone and a big Merry Christmas and Happy New Years from Steve Kennedy Pickleball and myself here at The Tour and we’ll see you next year!!

Posted by Live with Lauren on Wednesday, December 18, 2019

“USPTR/PPR Partners with APP Tour”

Live with Lauren ‘The Tour’ Episode 8 

The future of Pickleball is looking bright!

Big thanks to Scott Moore and Edward Hechter for being on the show this week and talking The APP Tour and the exciting future of pickleball. And huge shout out to Santa Ernie Medina Jr. for being on our Beyond the Kitchen segment and sharing his little slice of pickleball!

Posted by Live with Lauren on Wednesday, December 11, 2019

“Scott Moore / Edward Hechter”

Live with Lauren ‘The Tour’ Episode 7 

Official Ball of The APP Tour is the Dura Fast 40!!

We are super excited to announce the Dura Fast 40 is the official ball of the APP Tour! Thank you to Onix Pickleball’s own Jay Simmons for joining along with Onix Pro KaSandra Marie Gehrke to help us announce this fun news and maybe just maybe Jay let us in on some Onix secrets in the works (spoiler alert: he did not)! And a big thank you to Paul McKinney for joining us ‘Beyond the Kitchen’ and sharing from the perspective of an amateur who’s excited for this tour! Lots of things happening and of course ALL APP Events are open for registration on! Plan your 2020 Schedule now!

Posted by Live with Lauren on Wednesday, December 4, 2019

“Dura as the Official Ball of the APP Tour”

Live with Lauren ‘The Tour’ Episode 6 

It keeps getting better!! The APP Tour is excited to announce that we are USAPA sanctioned! And not only that the SoCal Classic is officially a National Qualifier this year! A huge thanks to Karen Parrish and Steve Dawson Pickleball for helping us announce this news!! We also have a brand new segment called ‘Beyond The Kitchen’ where we talk to amateur players about their background and tour plans! Thanks to Rho Blank for being our first guest!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Posted by Live with Lauren on Wednesday, November 27, 2019

“So Cal Announcement / USAPA”

Live with Lauren ‘The Tour’ Episode 5 

Did you hear the news!? TOC is officially joining the APP Tour!!

Wow what a huge announcement!! Huge thanks to Kyle Klein and Kristy Gates Wolford for coming on and helping Steve Kennedy Pickleball and myself announce the addition of the Tournament of Champions as our 12th and final tournament being added to The APP Tour for 2020. This was a big one and we are sooooo excited. We hope you are too for this awesome venue and location that’s run so well by Brigham City. Can’t wait to see you on the tour next year. Remember to check our for all the details!

Posted by Live with Lauren on Wednesday, November 20, 2019

“Welcome TOC”

Live with Lauren ‘The Tour’ Episode 4 

The Tour is back with Special Guest Steve Kennedy

We’re back to discuss all things APP Tour with my special co-host Eddie Adkins and guest Steve Kennedy Pickleball! We also have a HUGE announcement next week so make sure and stay tuned and like Live with Lauren so you don’t miss a thing! Check out for all things Tour related!!

Posted by Live with Lauren on Wednesday, November 13, 2019

“Steve Kennedy”

Live with Lauren ‘The Tour’ Episode 3 

The Tour Episode 2!! Another new stop is coming to The APP Tour

Tonight we were joined by Grant Garcia and Ref Extroidinaire Byron Freso to talk all about Viva Las Vegas!! So excited for another stop on this tour and it just keeps getting better!! Make sure and check out Dominic PB Catalano and myself getting all the info!! And we’ll see you next week LIVE FROM NATIONALS!! We can’t wait!!

Posted by Live with Lauren on Wednesday, October 30, 2019

“Welcome Las Vegas Open”

Live with Lauren ‘The Tour’ Episode 2

What an amazing premier episode of our new show ‘The Tour’ with Dominic PB Catalano and our special guests Melissa McCurley and Sarah Ansboury!! We talked all about The APP Tour (formerly the US Midwest/Southern Series) and their brand new kick off location Hilton Head Island!

Posted by Live with Lauren on Sunday, October 27, 2019

“Welcome Hilton Head Open”

Live with Lauren ‘The Tour’ Episode 1

US Midwest / Southern Series! If you have already seen it, please share it with your friends! We want to make sure the word gets around to as many people as possible, we want everyone to be able to experience this spectacular series. If you have any questions, please feel free to message us! Our admins are generally very quick to respond!

Posted by US Midwest / Southern Series on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The US Midwest/Southern Series welcomes The Atlanta Open to the tour.

Posted by Ken Herrmann on Friday, October 18, 2019

Part 1 of our in depth look at the US Midwest/Southern Series with the founder and creator Ken Herrmann!! First time guest live in the studio and he brought me a present!!! Watch to find out what it was!!:)

Posted by Live with Lauren on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Part 2 of our Hot Take covering anything and everything about the US Midwest/Southern Series and the big announcement was they’re heading to Atlanta!!! Big shout out to Rick Witsken and Chad Cromwell for coming on along with the man Ken Herrmann!!

Posted by Live with Lauren on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Chicago Pickleball Open Day 1
Chicago Pickleball Open Day 2
Chicago Pickleball Open Day 3
Chicago Pickleball Open Day 4
Chicago Pickleball Open Day 5



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Rick Witsken

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