Increase your competitive edge. Learn winning pickleball techniques from the pros. Plus get to know the pros on-and off-court.

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The APP Tour Show

 APPTV is a great way to get updates on everything you want to know about APP Tour! From results, standings, prize money, to interviews with tournament champions. The Road to Miami’s qualifiers are featured. Hosted by Kyle Selinko. 

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APP Academy with Dominic Catalano

 APP’s Coach Dominic Catalano leads an on-court segment with pros from the APP Academy team. Everyone shares knowledge on technical and strategical views to help improve your game. Following the on-court segment, Dominic interviews each pro for insights covering everything pickleball. 

First Dates with Lauren McLaughlin

APP’s Lauren McLaughlin hosts one-on-one interviews…First Dates…but not the romantic kind. Experience a candid talk while learning about your facility professionals off-court. Lauren asks her guests questions regarding their life before, during, and after pickleball. 

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Get The Point with Dave Fleming

Why did they hit that shot? How did they set up that winner? Get ready to enhance your game as Top Senior Pro and member of the APP broadcast team, Dave Fleming, pairs up with a top pro each episode to break down points from APP Tour matches. Strategies, patterns, and shot selections will be dissected on screen, with tips applicable to all levels of play. Watch, learn, get the point, and improve your game.

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In The Kitchen with Corrine Carr & Adam Stone

Healthy food choices are great recipes for winning games! Vulcan’s Corrine Carr and Paddletek’s Adam Stone host In the Kitchen! Featuring meals you can prepare at home to fuel your best pickleball endeavors. With proper nutrition, athletes play longer, and Corrine and Adam share their favorite recipes to maximize your on-court performance. 

APP Coach’s Corner

APPTV welcomes Morgan Evans, Sarah Ansboury, Scott and Daniel Moore, plus Pickleball Hall of Fame inductee Steve Paranto to Coach’s Corner. On Sunday nights, each coach brings thoughtful insights and shares methods to improve your game.

Fitness and Fun with Jennifer

Fitness & Fun with Jennifer

Healthy habits to stay in the game.

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