Mission / vision

The Association of Pickleball Professionals (APP)

With the exploding popularity of pickleball, Ken has a vision of creating a series of tournaments where individuals could set performance goals, track results, and play against peers in a sanctioned tour environment while adhering to all USA Pickleball guidelines. The 2022 APP Tour has more than $2.0M in prize money for professional athletes. The Tour encourages, all player athletes (professional and amateur) to play in our global tournaments to qualify for the season ending championship, The APP Masters. 

The 2022 APP Tour has 32 tournaments scheduled throughout the world. The 2023 APP Tour has 20 tour stops, highlighted by four major tournaments and two championship events. We offer opportunities for open pros, senior pros, super senior pros, and amateurs. Our purpose is to confirm that all player athletes, professional and amateur, have access to our competitive APP tournaments.

Ken Herrmann
Ken Herrmann
CEO & Creative Founder