Mission and Vision: The APP / Chicken N Pickle Next Gen Series is the first of its kind, geared towards developing champions in the hearts of young adult men and women pickleball  players. Our mission is to create a platform for top American pickleball players to compete and receive coaching / education from our senior professionals. This mentoring program prepares young adults to represent the United States in future international and APP Tour professional competitions.

Format: The age range for the series events is 16 – 23 years-old, with players competing in a three-day tournament consisting of singles, doubles, and mixed doubles held at various Chicken N Pickle facilities. There is a single open bracket for each division (men / women) with all ages being combined, no individual skill flights per gender. Two wildcards are awarded for each Next Gen Series for both men and women competitors who are under the age of 16 looking to gain experience in a  Next Gen Series. A committee, formed by the senior mentoring program will determine those  wildcards.

Day-to-Day Schedule:

Friday – Mixed
Saturday – Gender Doubles
Sunday – Singles

All players will be encouraged to play all three days as total cumulative points earned will determine the top two finishers at the end of Sunday’s play. Four wildcards per tournament will be awarded (2 men / 2 women). The top two finishers will receive entry fees comped paid wildcards into a Tier I of an APP Pro Tournament that will be assigned to each Next Gen Series event.

Tournament Schedule (dates subject to change):


July 1 – 3, Oklahoma City
• July 8 – 10,
San Antonio
• August 5 – 7,
• September 16 – 18,
South Overland Park, KS
• November 18 – 20,
 Kansas City

There is no season ending championships, but just a continuation for the next year. Only players ages 16 – 23 are eligible to enter.

Each Next Gen Series stop will be a $15K event with equal prize money for both men’s and women’s standings. We will pay-out top five for each based on the cumulative standings lists that will award points for matches won for singles, doubles and mixed doubles events per tournament.

The series will be sanctioned and we will collaborate with USA Pickleball, as the APP Tour is the official partner tour of the organization.

APP Senior Mentoring Program – Overview: The key to a player’s success is education, and the APP / Chicken N Pickle Next Gen Series is key in fostering America’s next champions. Below is our vision for bringing in the top senior pros playing on the APP Tour to mentor our future American champions through free seminars, creating trusted relationships with these young players, and helping with the parent / child relationships as they embark on this journey of professional pickleball.

We have seen some great talented, junior tennis players fall short of his / her proclaimed rise to the top due to such instances as burn out, injury, financial and mental exhaustion. Our program avoids these undesired outcomes, as our young American pickleball players and learn from the challenges that those senior professional players have faced by implementing a Senior Pro Mentoring Program. Here is how it works:

Senior Pro Mentoring Program – Details:
At each series event, two senior pros are invited to come in for the weekend to spend quality time with all players. As a senior pro mentor, this creates a trusted bond between the young players and mentors. This can be achieved as senior pros educate both the parent and young adults through seminars on topics, such as periodization, media interviews, creating schedules that balance family and tournament time, the mental aspects of the game, off-court training fitness programs (to improve quickness and skills sets), and finally nutrition.

It is the Next Gen’s vision that after the days events are completed that two seminars can be held 30 minutes each by the senior pros, followed by social recreation play afterwards. And if desired, with the senior pros working on patterns and shot selections on court with our top young athletes.

A stipend is needed for each senior pro for his / her time, as they are a valuable component for the overall success of the Next Gen Series. The senior pros establish an educational element that is not being done anywhere now in the sport and is unique to the Next Gen Series. We would conduct two seminars on Friday and Saturdays after play that we highly encourage all players to attend.

Player Fees: Each young adult player (parent or guardian) pays entry fees. A dollar amount of $225.00 this is the fee for registration, singles, doubles, and mixed doubles, with two catered meals by the Chicken N Pickle restaurant and seminars conducted by senior pros. There are no extra costs to the player for the APP Senior Mentoring Program as this is APP’s financial commitment to future American development.